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Figure 3

From: Improvement in quantifying debris flow risk for post-wildfire emergency response

Figure 3

Two maps showing the same approximately 7,225 ha area (see Figure 1). In both maps (A and B) the soil burn severity is color-coded low (green), moderate (yellow) and high (red). Unburned areas are background map color. Map A is a digitized version of the soil burn severity map of the Stanislaus Complex fire which was originally hand-drawn on topographic maps for the initial burned area emergency assessment work. The large polygons are typical for observer-based interpretations. Map B is the soil burn severity map produced for the 2013 Rim Fire using burned area reflectance characterization (BARC) from satellite imagery. Burn severity polygons on this final version (modified based on spot field evaluation of soil condition) exemplifies the greater detail and resolution possible by this improved method. (Courtesy of the USDA Forest Service).

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