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Table 1 Data used in present study

From: Landslide hazard zonation mapping using frequency ratio and fuzzy logic approach, a case study of Lachung Valley, Sikkim

Data type Sensor Scale Data derivative
Image data IRS LISS-IV 5.6 × 5.6 m grid Land/use Land/cover
ASTER 15 m × 15 m grid Photo-lineament
Landsat ETM+ 30 m × 30 m grid Landslide inventory
DEM Cartosat 1 2.5 m × 2.5 m grid Slope
Relative Relief
Ancillary data Published geological map (GSI) 1: 50,000 Geology map
Published soil map 1: 50,000 Soil map
Published topographic map (SOI) 1: 50,000 Topographic map
Historical landslide inventory 1: 50,000 Landslide Inventory