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Table 1 The information fields (grouped in six main groups) structuring the landslide dam database with used unit of measure and short description

From: Geomorphological investigations on landslide dams

  Information Unit Description
Localization ID [ ] Unique Identification Number of the Landslide
Locality text Local name where damming occurred
Municipality text Italian Municipality where damming occurred
Province text Italian Province where damming occurred
Region text Italian Region where damming occurred
UTM E, N crown [ ] E and N Coordinate of the Landslide crown (WGS 1984-UTM, zone 32)
UTM E, N dam [ ] E and N Coordinate of the Landslide dam (WGS 1984-UTM, zone 32)
Consequences L.-damages text Direct Damages caused by the landslide
u-damages text Upstream Damages caused by the rising water
d-damages text Downstream Damages caused by the outburst flood
Bibliography text Bibliographic references about the event
Note text Additional note or information
Landslide Movement text Landslide movement classification (Cruden and Vernes, 1996)
Velocity text Velocity classification of the Landslide (Cruden and Vernes, 1996)
v [m/s] Velocity measure of the landslide (Cruden and Vernes, 1996)
Material text Landslide material classification (Cruden and Vernes, 1996)
Lithology text Lithology classification of the landslide
Water c. text Water Content classification of the landslide (Cruden and Vernes, 1996)
H L. [m] Altitude difference between higher and lower part of the Landslide
α [°] Steepness of slope opposite to the Landslide
β [°] Steepness of Landslide slope
LL.tot. [m] Total length of the Landslide
LL.body [m] Length of Landslide body
Wmax [m] Maximum width of the Landslide
Wmin [m] Minimum width of the Landslide
Drf [m] Thickness of the Landslide
S L. [m2] Surface of the Landslide
V L. [m3] Volume of the Landslide
Trigger text Trigger mechanism of the landslide
Prev. activations dd/mm/yyyy Previous Activations of the Landslide before the damming event
DAM Date of damming dd/mm/yyyy Date Of Damming
Date of failure dd/mm/yyyy Date Of Failure of the dam (if any)
d type [] Classification of the dam (Costa and Schuster, 1988)
L d [m] Length of the dam
W d [m] Width of the dam
H d [m] Height of the dam
S d [m2] Surfece of the dam
V d [m3] Volume of the dam
Q d [m] a.s.l. Altitude of the spill way (above sea level)
d condition text Dam Condition
Evolution text Evolution of the landslide dam
Type of Failure text Dam failure mechanism (if any)
Stream Main Basin text Name of the main basin
Dammed R. text Name of the dammed river
Wvalley [m] Valley Width
Subt. S [km2] Surface of the basin subtended by the landslide dam
S [°] Steepness of river bed
Lake Lake name text Lake Name
L lake [m] Length of the lake
W lake [m] Width of the lake
D lake [m] Depth of the lake
S lake [m2] Surface of the lake
V lake [m3] Volume of the lake
Q lake [m] a.s.l. Lake altitude (metres above see level)
h of Lac.dep. [m] Height of lacustrine deposits (if any)
Lake life time text Life time of the dam (hours, days, mounths, years, centuries)
Lake Condition text Lake Condition
  1. Landslide dams database structure