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Fig. 2

From: A new classification of earthquake-induced landslide event sizes based on seismotectonic, topographic, climatic and geologic factors

Fig. 2

Map showing the epicentral region of the 23 August 2011 Mineral, Virginia, earthquake (by Jibson and Harp 2012). The star indicates the epicentre; large crosses are landslide limits; triangles represent seismic recording stations with station codes indicated. Bold line: ellipse centred at the epicentre and passing through the observed limits (dashed where inferred beyond limits); the dotted line shows a polygon enclosing the observed landslides; the circle around the epicentre indicates the previous maximum distance limit for M 5.8 earthquake (Keefer 1984); filled circles show maximum (1500 km2) and average (219 km2) areas expected to experience landslides for an M 5.8 earthquake based on previous studies (Keefer 1984, 2002; Rodríguez et al. 1999)

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