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Fig. 9

From: Spaceborne, UAV and ground-based remote sensing techniques for landslide mapping, monitoring and early warning

Fig. 9

a High-resolution 3D surface of the surveyed rock wall in Sal Leo rock cliff (red dashed square corresponds to the area affected by block detachments). b Comparison between March 7th 2014-April 9th 2014 TLS scans: white oval showing the first monitored rock block detachment; orange-yellow areas enhance rock wall sector characterized by displacements. c Comparison between March 7th 2014-December 18th 2014 scans, enhancing the occurred detached rock block sectors (in blue); yellow ovals enhance the minor block detachments. d Correspondent sectors in optical image (black ovals enhance major detachments; dashed line delimits the rock wall displaced sector); (after Frodella et al., 2016)

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