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Table 6 The main data used

From: Seismic vulnerability assessment of residential buildings using logistic regression and geographic information system (GIS) in Pleret Sub District (Yogyakarta, Indonesia)

No Data Data type Obtained from Function
1 Building footprint Shape file (.shp),
Visual interpretation of Quickbird Imagery 2012 Generate building the vulnerability map
2 Building damage data Shape file (.shp),
Preliminary damage assessment conducted by Gadjah Mada University Generate probabilistic model through statistical analysis
3 Geologic data Shape file (.shp)
Improve the geological map with visual interpretation results of LANDSAT 7 ETM+ Generate the building vulnerability map
4 Population characteristic report Pleret in Figure, 2014
Published by BPS-Statistic of Bantul Regency
Generate the temporal modelling of population distribution
5 Land use data Shape file (.shp)
Visual interpretation of Quickbird imagery 2012 Generate the dasymetric map