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Table 1 Predisposing factors and GIS data in for the study area

From: Probabilistic frequency ratio (PFR) model for quality improvement of landslide susceptibility mapping from LiDAR-derived DEMs

Classification Sub-Classification GIS Data Type Scale
Geological Hazard Landslide inventory Point and polygon coverage 1:25,000
Basic maps LiDAR DEM Slope GRID 5 × 5 m
ASTER DEM GRID 15 × 15 m
roads and drainage Poly line coverage 1:25,000
Geology Polygon coverage 1:100,000
Soil Polygon coverage 1:25,000
Landuse GRID 30 × 30 m
NDVI GRID 30 × 30 m
Geomorphology Polygon coverage 1:25,000