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Table 2 Different formations and lito-units in the study area

From: Probabilistic frequency ratio (PFR) model for quality improvement of landslide susceptibility mapping from LiDAR-derived DEMs

Ara Period Formation Code Lithology Area covered
  (KM2) %
Paleozoic Up-Pre.
KAHAR PEK Salty shale, sandstone, minor dolomite, quartzite 148.33 14.64
Cambrian SOLTANIEH PEe Thick bedded to massive light-colored dolomite, locally with chert bands 53.64 5.30
  BARUT Eb Micaceous variegated siltstone and shale, cherty dolomite intercalations 8.8 0.87
  LALUN E1 Red arkosic sandstone 19.77 1.95
Ordovician MILA O1 Sandstone, shale, limestone, marl phosphatic layers 2.08 0.21
Carboniferous MOBARAKL CM Black limestone, dolomitic limestone, marl intercalations 80.38 7.94
Permian DORUD Pd Sandstone, shale, limestone intercalatoins, quartzite, siltstone 26.93 2.66
  PV Basic flows, pyroclastics, sandstone 0.99 0.10
  RUTEH Pr Fusulina limestone, dolomitic limestone 43.97 4.34
  NESEN Pn Cherty limestone, marly limestone, marl and sandy shale 3.88 0.38
Mesozoic Triassic ELIKA TRem Thin-bedded limestone, calcareous shale, quartzitic sandstone 2.77 0.27
  TRdc Massive dolomite 36.04 3.56
  SHEMSHAK TR3JS Shale, sandstone, siltstone, claystone, quartzite, conglomerate, locally limestone intercalations: coal seams and lenses 179.45 15.28
  LAR J1 Limestone, locally dolomitic limestone 8.35 0.82
Cretaceous TIZ_KUH K1 Orbitolina limestone (Apian - Cenomanian) 31.09 3.06
  CHALUS K11 Limestone (Berriasian - Valanginian) 2.04 0.20
  Kv21 Alkali basalt, spilitic basalt conglomerate, tuff braccia, tuff 71.05 6.07
  KV22 Trachyandesitic basalt, tuff breccia, pyroclastics, tuffite 41.58 4.10
  K12 Globotruncana limestone, marl limestone 69.77 6.89
   KM2 Marl, calcareous marl, marly limestone 51.11 5.05
   K1M2 Alternations of limestone and marl 33.06 3.26
Cenozoic Tertiary   P1Q Conglomerate, sandstone, siltstone, siltymarl 28.28 2.74
Quaternary   Q Undifferentiated young & old alluvial fans, traces, colluvium, residual soils, fill valley sediments lake deposits 90.81 8.90
   Q1 Landslide and rock stream 11.48 1.13
  river and lake Water body, terraces, colluvium, residual soil 2.80 0.27
  total 1048.45 100.00