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Table 1 Lists of the presentation in High Level Forum

From: Report on the 15th international symposium on geo-disaster reduction, 25–30 august 2017, Oki Islands - Matsue - Kyoto, Japan

No. Title Presenter Affiliation
H-1 UNESCO’s contribution to geo-hazards risk reduction Soichiro Yasukawa UNESCO
H-2 UNESCO Chair on prevention and sustainable management of geo-hydrological hazards Paolo Canuti University of Florence
H-3 Large ground displacement caused by fault movement and its countermeasure to buried pipeline Masakatsu Miyajima Kanazawa University
H-4 Innovative technologies for landslide monitoring and early warning Nicola Casagli University of Florence
H-5 Soil-water interaction modeling based on discontinuous deformation analysis method Tonglu Li Chang’an University
H-6 SPH-based liquefaction analysis of detached house foundation Atsushi Yashima Gifu University