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Table 2 Employee annual death probability by sub sector estimated from work-related accident statistics by WorkSafeBC (2009)

From: Framework for developing risk to life evaluation criteria associated with landslides in Canada

Sub Sector Fatalities per yeara Claims per yearb Fatalities per Claimsc Injury Rated Annual Probability of death
Transportation and related services 26.6 4098 0.65% 5.8% 3.77E-4
Construction 33.6 8759 0.38% 5.9% 2.24E-4
Forestry 13.8 720 1.9% 6% 1.14E-3
Oil and gas or mineral resources 7.4 388 1.9% 2% 3.80E-4
Business services 1.2 711 0.17% 0%
(less than 0.5%)
<‚ÄČ 8.50E-6
  1. Annual probability of death is estimated as c) x d) obtaining average number of fatalities per number of workers per year. Assumed to be an approximate measure of the likelihood of work related death of an average worker in 1 year
  2. aAverage number of accepted fatal claims per year between 2005 and 2009
  3. bAverage number of accepted claims per year (short-term, long-term and fatal claims) for 2008 and 2009
  4. cratio of a respect to b
  5. dAverage number of claims (short-term, long-term and fatal claims) per 100 workers employed all year (per 100 person-years of employment)