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Table 3 Water conservation site identification criterion

From: Flood risk analysis: causes and landscape based mitigation strategies in Dire Dawa city, Ethiopia

Structure type Soil Permeability LULC Slope Drainage
Terracing Sandy clay, clay loam, sandy loam Medium, high Bush land and shrub land 5–30 1st, 2nd order
Percolation Tank Silty loam/ Clay loam high Bare/shrub land < 10 2nd,/3 rd/4th order
Pond Sandy loam
Silty loam
low shrub < 5% 1st order
Check Dam Sandy clay loam low Bare/ shrub < 15% 5th and 6th order
Nala bunds Silty loam low Bare/ shrub < 10 3 rd and 4th order
Storage tank Silty loam, clay low Bare < 30 2nd, 1st and 2nd order