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Table 1 Lists of the presentation in Keynote Lectures

From: Report on the 16thInternational Symposium on Geo-disaster Reduction, 27-31th August 2018, Strasburg, France

No. Title Presenter Affiliation
K-1 European and Mediterranean major hazards agreement of the Council of Europe (EUR-OPA) Gianluca Silvestrini EUR-OPA Executive Secretary
K-2 Recent landslides triggered by moderate earthquakes in Japan Fawu Wang Shimane University, Japan
K-3 Sentinel-1 continuous streaming for landslide monitoring and mapping Nicola Casagli University of Florence, Italy
K-4 In 27 years, lahars have reached some maturity at Mt. Unzen Fugendake: geophysical and geomorphometric evidences Christopher Gomez Kobe University, Japan & Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia