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Table 1 Sources of data used for the study

From: GIS-multicriteria evaluation using AHP for landslide susceptibility mapping in Oum Er Rbia high basin (Morocco)

Data Description Source
Landsat 8 OLI Downloaded
Aster GDEM (Digital Elevation Model DEM) Resolution 30 m Downloaded
Slope angle and Slope aspect Derived from DEM 30 m DEM 30 m
Elevation (m) Derived from DEM 30 m DEM 30 m
Aspect Derived from DEM 30 m DEM 30 m
Land use Derived from Landsat 8 Oli image and field observation. Landsat 8 Oli image
Faults Digitized from 1:500.000 geological map of Rabat Geological map of Rabat 1:500.000
Roads Extracted Google Earth
Rivers Extracted DEM 30 m
Landslide location Evidence of Landslide within the study area Field data/internet study and other research