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Table 1 Classification of geological units in the study area

From: Three-dimensional seismic slope stability assessment with the application of Scoops3D and GIS: a case study in Atsuma, Hokkaido

N2snMiddle to Late MioceneSandstone, mudstone, conglomerate and sandstone (with tuff)
N3snLate Miocene to PlioceneDiatomaceous siltstone with sandstone and conglomerate
HsrLate Pleistocene to HoloceneClay, silt, sand, gravel and peat
Q2thMiddle PleistoceneMud, sand, gravel and peat
N1 srEarly Miocene to Middle MioceneMudstone, sandstone and conglomerate (with tuff)
Q2srMiddle PleistoceneMud, sand, gravel and peat
Q3tlLate PleistoceneMud, sand, gravel, peat and volcanic materials