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Table 1 Lists of the presentation in the UNESCO Chair 2019 field school

From: Report on the UNESCO Chair 2019 field school on Geoenvironmental Disaster Reduction in Shimane University, Japan

No. Title Presenter Affiliation
1 Rockslides and rock avalanches in Central Asia: study of past events for better assessment of future hazards Alexander Strom Geodynamics Research Center, Russia
2 A new technology for prediction and monitoring of landslides Manchao He China University of Mining Technology, Beijing
3 Landslide monitoring and early warning at the basin scale Filippo Catani Florence University, Italy
4 Modelling of flowslides and debris avalanches in natural or engineered slopes Sabatino Cuomo Salerno University, Italy
5 Engineering Seismology, seismic noise measurements and seismological applications on volcanoes and landslides Léna Cauchie Liege University, Belgium
6 Geo-disasters induced by the recent earthquakes in the world Masakatsu Miyajima Kanazawa University, Japan
7 Marine engineering geology: in-situ test and long-term observation Yonggang Jia & Hongxian Shan Ocean University of China
8 Environmental geology and engineering geology problems in permafrost regions of Eastern China under the background of climate change Wei Shan & Ying Guo Northeast Forest University, China
9 Landslide disaster reduction in Loess area, China Tonglu Li Chang’an University, China
10 Advanced Seismic Designs of Buildings in Japan Seismic Isolation and Response Control Method Yutaka Nakamura Shimane University, Japan
11 Landslide investigations in natural and cultural heritage sites in Peru Vit Vilímek Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic
12 Reconstruction of paleo tsunamis hydrodynamic characteristics from the magnetic properties of their deposits Patrick Wassmer Université de Strasbourg, France
13 The implementation of an international standard for multi disasters early warning system Teuku Faisal Fathani Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia
14 Prediction of long runout and rapid landslides Fawu Wang Shimane University, Japan