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Fig. 12

From: Homogenized earthquake catalog and b-value mapping for Ethiopia and its adjoining regions

Fig. 12

Central Main Ethiopian Rift (CMER): (a) Seismicity map of CMER (b) Cumulative number of events vs time-straight-line trend -relatively complete (c) Magnitude of Completeness (Mc) with time (d) b-value variation over the magnitudes in Mw scale, ni = 80, Mmin = Mc = 3.1 (e) average values of seismicity parameters(a, b values and Mc)using maximum likelihood method. Depth slices and 3D map of b-value for CMER at depth of: (f) 0.1 km, (g) 7 km, (h) 15 km and (i) the 3D b-value map showing the fetures in 3D, the two horizontal slices at 5 km and 15 km depth and one vertical slices supperimossed by DEM showig Aluto-Gedemsa and Boset kone volcanoes circled by black color. The red dots show the Earthuake events ditribution along the depth indicted

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