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Fig. 13

From: Homogenized earthquake catalog and b-value mapping for Ethiopia and its adjoining regions

Fig. 13

Location of the Dabbahu rift segment within the Afar triple junction zone; major fault zones. Danakil Block is a microplate between the Nubian and Arabian plates. Red shading indicates 50 km-long magmatic segments (MS)—zones of dense faulting and aligned Quaternary eruptive centers—the current locus of strain within Afar (after C J Ebinger et al., 2008, b and reference therin). The black dots show the earthquake events in moment magnitude scale Mw from this study superimposed on a digital elevation model (Shuttle Radar Topography Mission data-30 m resolution). Inset: the location of SDFZ: Silti-Debre Zeit Fault Zone, YTVL: Yerer Tulu-Volcano Lineament, Red solid line: Ambo Lineament, Red doted line: Guraghe BF-Gurage border Fault, the curved formed by red dotes is TGD:Tendaho-Goba’aDiscontinuity, The blue star shows the Volcanoes in the rift, and the red polygon shows high b-value from Fig. 9 representing the Dabbahu Magmatic segment

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