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Table 1 Best Papers of the Geoenvironmental Disasters in the first 4 years

From: Authors, geographies and the content of papers published in Geoenvironmental Disasters (2014–2018)

TitleAuthorsPublication Year
Spaceborne, UAV and ground-based remote sensing techniques for landslide mapping, monitoring and early warningNicola Casagli, William Frodella, Stefano Morelli, Veronica Tofani, Andrea Ciampalini, Emanuele Intrieri, Federico Raspini, Guglielmo Rossi, Luca Tanteri and Ping Lu2017
A new classification of earthquake-induced landslide event sizes based on seismotectonic, topographic, climatic and geologic factorsHans-Balder Havenith, Almaz Torgoev, Anika Braun, Romy Schlögel and Mihai Micu2016
Disaster risk reduction knowledge of local people in NepalGangalal Tuladhar, Ryuichi Yatabe, Ranjan Kumar Dahal and Netra Prakash Bhandary2015
Key factors influencing the mechanism of rapid and long runout landslides triggered by the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake, ChinaFawu Wang, Ping Sun, Lynn Highland and Qiangong Cheng2014