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Table 2 Data sources

From: Study of desertification sensitivity in Talh region (Central Tunisia) using remote sensing, G.I.S. and the M.E.D.A.L.U.S. approach

Data sourceParameterReference
Merra_2 climatological gridded dataRainfall, temperature (to calculate evapotranspiration and aridity index)© MERRA. ( (NASA n.d.-b)
Carte Agricole (digital database)Soil texture, soil depth, soil parental rock, drainage, rock fragment, natural reserve boundary.Ministry of agriculture, Tunisia (2001) (Ministry of agriculture 2001)
Sentinel_2_1c 10 m resolution satellite imageCropland, fire resistance, drought protection, erosion protection, plant cover (by using NDVI index)© Copernicus open access hub (Copernicus open access hub n.d.)
28 m resolution DEMAspect, slope.© NASA: ASTER GDEM Digital Elevation Model (NASA n.d.-a)
Socio-economical dataPopulation density, livestock dataOffice for Development of the Centre, Office for Development of the South, the National Institute of Statistics: Statistics of governorates of Sidi Bouzid and Gafsa (Institut national des statistiques 2014; Office de développement du Centre ouest (ODCO) 2017; Office de développent du Sud (ODS) 2017)
Google earth imageryConservation practice (digitalization)©Google earth Pro. app.