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Table 5 Assigned weighing indices for various parameters used for assessment of soil quality (Kosmas et al. 1999)

From: Study of desertification sensitivity in Talh region (Central Tunisia) using remote sensing, G.I.S. and the M.E.D.A.L.U.S. approach

 ClassDescription Weight
Texture1GoodL, SCL, SL, LS, CL1
2ModerateSC, SiL SiCL1.2
3PoorSi, C, SiC1.6
4Very poorS2
Slope1Very gentle to flat< 6%1
4Very steep> 35%2
Parent material1GoodShale, schist, basic, ultra-basic, Conglomerates, unconsolidated1
2ModerateLimestone, marble, granite, Rhyolite, Ignimbrite, gneiss, siltstone, sandstone1.7
3PoorMarl, Pyroclastics2
Soil depth1Deep> 751
4Very shallow< 154
Drainage1Well drained 1
2Imperfectly drained 1.2
3Poorly drained 2
Rock fragments1Very stony> 601
3Bare to slightly stony< 202
  1. L loam, SCL sandy clay loam, SL sandy loam, LS loamy sand, CL clay loam, SC sandy clay, SiL silty loam, SiCL silty clay loam, Si silt, C clay, SiC silty clay, S sand