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Table 6 Assigned weighing indices for various parameters used for assessment of vegetation quality (Kosmas et al. 1999)

From: Study of desertification sensitivity in Talh region (Central Tunisia) using remote sensing, G.I.S. and the M.E.D.A.L.U.S. approach

ParameterClassDescriptionType of vegetationWeight
Fire risk1Lowbare land, perennial agricultural crops, annual agricultural crops (maize, tobacco, sunflower)1
2Moderateannual agricultural crops (cereals, grasslands), deciduous oak, (mixed), mixed Mediterranean, macchia/evergreen forests1.3
3highMediterranean macchia1.6
4Very highpine forests2
Erosion protection1Very highMixed Mediterranean macchia/evergreen forests1
2highMediterranean macchia, pine forests, Permanent grasslands, evergreen perennial crops1.3
3ModerateDeciduous forests1.6
4LowDeciduous perennial agricultural crops (almonds, orchards)1.8
5Very LowAnnual agricultural crops (cereals), annual grasslands, vines,2
Drought resistance1Very highMixed Mediterranean macchia/evergreen forests, Mediterranean macchia1
2highConifers, deciduous, olives1.2
3ModeratePerennial agricultural trees (vines, almonds, ochrand)1.4
4LowPerennial grasslands1.7
5Very LowAnnual agricultural crops, annual grasslands2
Plant cover1high> 40%1
3Very Low< 20%2