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Table 8 Assigned weighing indices for various parameters used for assessment of management quality (Kosmas et al. 1999; UNESCO – United Nations Educational: Scientific and Cultural Organization 1979; Vieira et al. 2015))

From: Study of desertification sensitivity in Talh region (Central Tunisia) using remote sensing, G.I.S. and the M.E.D.A.L.U.S. approach

Cropland (land use)low land use intensity 1
Medium land use intensity 1.5
high land use intensity 2
population density < 10 inhabitants per square km1.00
 10–20 inhabitants per square km1.33
 20–50 inhabitants per square km1.66
 > 50 inhabitants per square km2.00
Policy (conservation practices)HighComplete: > 75% of area under protection1
ModeratePartial: 25–75% of area under protection1.5
lowIncomplete: < 25% of area under protection2
OvergrazingLow< 20 heads per square km1.00
Moderate20–60 heads per square km1.33
High60–100 heads per square km1.66
Very high> 100 heads per square km2.00