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Table 1 Unknown switch argument. Information source for the various landslide factors used in the landslides susceptibility mapping

From: Landslide susceptibility mapping using statistical methods in Uatzau catchment area, northwestern Ethiopia

Data Map Format Source
Landslide Inventory Landslide Inventory Map Vector (shapefile) Google Earth Imagery, Field Survey and Historical record
Geology Lithology Map Vector (shapefile) Digitized from Geological map of Debre Markos Sheet provided by the Geological Survey of Ethiopia at 1:250,000
Digital Elevation Model (DEM) Slope Angle Map Raster (grid) Derived from 30 m DEM, using ArcGIS 10.1, Downloaded from USGS
Aspect Map
Curvature Map
Hydrology Distance to Stream Raster (grid) Developed from DEM and buffering using distance to Euclidian
Topography Topographic Map Vector (shapefile) Ethiopian Mapping Agency at 1:250, 000
Meteorological data Vector (shapefile) Ethiopian National Meteorological Agency
Land use Land use Map Vector (shapefile) Sentinel 2 images in the USGS, Field Survey and Google Earth Imagery
Borehole data Vector (shapefile) Amhara Water Well Drilling Enterprise (AWWAE)