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Table 1 Few questions related to the 2015 Gorkha Earthquake and readiness behaviour

From: Disaster risk understanding of local people after the 2015 Gorkha Earthquake in Pokhara City, Nepal

Questions Responses
Did you face the Gorkha Earthquake? Yes No     
Where were you during the earthquake? At home In the field In the market In school Outside the house Other
What did you do after the earthquake? Stayed inside Went in the field Hid under the bed Stayed holding the bed Stayed out Other
If you stayed out, for how many days One day Two days Three days More than three days   
In the future, scientists proverb that earthquake can take place in the West, if this happens do you think your house can transcend it? Yes No     
if yes, what are the reasons? Consulted with the engineer Have a plan to make a new building Have a plan of Retrofitting Will do nothing   
Have you consulted with the engineer before designing your house? Yes No     
Have you secured your drawer, frames and vase that could fall during the earthquake Yes No     
Have you noticed any type of diseases after the Gorkha Earthquake in your area? Yes No     
if yes, mention the type of diseases Mental Infectious Nothing Communicable Other  
if yes, were the disease different than the previous ones? Little different Very different Similar Don’t know Others  
Did you find any mental patient after the earthquake? Yes No     
After the earthquake, how many people in your neighbor or family went to see the doctor? More than 1 More than 5 More than 10 More than 20 Don’t know  
How far is the hospital from your home? 1000–2000 m 2000-3000 m 3000-4000 m Less than 1000 m More than 4000 m  
Did anyone from governmental and non-governmental organization to understand the situation after the Gorkha earthquake Yes No