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Table 2 Disaster awareness, adaptations and risk perceptions items

From: Disaster risk understanding of local people after the 2015 Gorkha Earthquake in Pokhara City, Nepal

To rate, Less Important, Important and Very Important, following statements were asked:
1. Disaster discussion with neighbours
2. Disaster discussion with family
3. Drill works in the society
4. Participation in disaster training
5. Information of danger areas near settlement areas
6. Retrofitting of the houses to reduce earthquake effects
7. Importance of fire-brigades
8. Roads to enter fire-brigades near house
9. Fire-brigade near houses and schools
10. Discussion on Mitigation measures
11. Disaster Preparedness Measures
12. Local, district and national level disaster response
13. Recovery after disaster
14. Self-observation of your house after earthquake
15. Consultation with Engineering before building houses
16. Soil testing before constructing houses, etc.