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Table 5 Mexico City subsidence monitoring history

From: Assessing subsidence of Mexico City from InSAR and LandSat ETM+ with CGPS and SVM

Researcher(s) InSAR GPS Grace Maximum rate of subsidence (mm/yr) Comparison and Advantages
Ortiz-Zamora and Ortega-Guerrero (2010) 400 Ground magnetic survey and lithologic logs data (1984–1989)
Ortega-Guerrero et al. (1999) 400 Hydraulic, geotechnical, and historical data (1984–1989)
Chaussard et al. (2014) X 300 InSAR ALOS data (2007–2011)
Sowter et al. (2016) X 400 InSAR Sentinel-1 (2014–2015)
Castellazzi et al. (2016a, b) X X 250–300 GRACE and InSAR data sets and SBAS-InSAR algorithm (2007–2011)
Cabral-Cano et al. (2008) X X 300–370 InSAR ERS and ENVISAT
Strozzi and Wegmüller (1999) X 400 InSAR ERS satellite data sets
Osmanoglu et al. (2011) X X 300 InSAR ENVISAT (2004–2006)
and nine CGPS data sets
Yan et al. (2012) X 350 InSAR ENVISAT (2002–2007),
Gamma-IPTA chain, and SBAS
Lopez-Quiroz et al. (2009) X 400 InSAR ENVISAT images
(2002 and 2007)
Current study X X 352 52 ENVISAT images (2002–2010.5), nine CGPs (1998–2012), and SVM classification