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Table 1 Overview of collected datasets

From: The role of crowdsourcing and social media in crisis mapping: a case study of a wildfire reaching Croatian City of Split

Dataset Source Data type Description Dataset purpose
Crowmap data Crowdmap platform VGI Citizens entries with time, location, and description Mapping
Social media data Twitter and Facebook Crowdsourcing Posts containing selected keywords related to event and location Mapping
Public Fire Department of Split (PFDS) data PFDS Authoritative data Data from a call centre which contain phone number, time of the call and short description noted by the call centre agent Mapping
Satellite images Sentinel-2 Authoritative data Multispectral satellite images of the study area from the time before and after the fire Verification
Natural protection and rescue directorate (NPRD) official data NPRD Authoritative data Shapefile polygon of burned area Verification