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Table 1 Lists of the presentation in Keynote Lectures

From: Report on the 18th International Symposium on Geo-disaster Reduction and the 4th Gu Dezhen Lecture, 20–22 November 2020, Beijing, China

No. Title Presenter Affiliation
K-1 Large Scale Ground Flow induced by Liquefaction in the 2018 Palu Donggala Earthquake, Indonesia Masakatsu Miyajima Kanazawa University, Japan
K-2 Estimation of shear strength reduction in fine grained soil during earthquake loading Binod Tiwari California State University, USA
K-3 Radar technologies for landslide monitoring and rapid mapping Nicola Casagli University of Firenze, Italy
K-4 New geophysical electromagnetic exploration technology and its application in major geological engineering Qingyun Di IGGCAS, China
K-5 Geohazards visualised with Extended Reality tools Hans-Balder Havenith University of Liege, Belgium
K-6 Research on ecological restoration of seismic damage in Jiuzhaigou Valley induced by the “8.8” earthquake Xiangjun Pei Chengdu University of Technology, China
K-7 Multiphysics Multimaterial Modelling of Landslide-Structure-Interaction Sabatino Cuomo University of Salerno, Italy
K-8 Stochastic seismic analysis of slopes based on physical mechanism: Theory, experiment, and prospects Yu Huang Tongji University, China
K-9 Peculiarities of Deep-seated Gravitational Slope Deformations (DGSDs) in the Himalaya Ranjan Kumar Dahal Tribhuvan University, Nepal
K-10 Geophysical investigation on geological structures of slopes and landslide risk analysis Lijun Su Institute of Mountain Hazards and Environment, CAS, China
K-11 Road User, Road Infrastructure and Socio-Economic Hazards and Risks from Landslides Mike Winter Winter Associates, UK
K-12 Progress in active fault research and hazard mitigation action in China Xiwei Xu National Institute of Natural Hazards, MEMC & CAS, China
K-13 Strategic program and technological innovation for disaster risk reduction Teuku Faisal Fathani Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia