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Table 2 Biokinetic parameters used in this paper

From: Slope stability analysis of a landfill subjected to leachate recirculation and aeration considering bio-hydro coupled processes

Parameter Unit Value References
Maximum anaerobic biodegradation rate kA,max day−1 1 Kim et al. (2007)
Maximum aerobic biodegradation rate kN,max day−1 0.02 Kim et al. (2007)
Oxygen half-saturation constant for aerobic growth kO 0.07 Kim et al. (2007)
Substrate half-saturation constant for aerobic growth SA,S kg/m3 100 Estimated from model
Substrate half-saturation constant for anaerobic growth SN,S kg/m3 50 Estimated from model
Initial concentration of aerobic biomass XA,0 kg/m3 0.15 Omar and Rohani (2017)
Initial concentration of anaerobic biomass XN,0 kg/m3 0.15 Omar and Rohani (2017)
Aerobic biomass yield coefficient YA kg B/kg S 0.1 Beaven et al. (2008)
Anaerobic biomass yield coefficient YN kg B/kg S 0.05 Kim et al. (2007)
Molecular weights of oxygen MMSW g/mol 162 Fytanidis and Voudrias (2014)