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Table 3 Hydraulic parameters used in this paper

From: Slope stability analysis of a landfill subjected to leachate recirculation and aeration considering bio-hydro coupled processes

Parameter Unit Value References
Waste density ρs kg/m3 1500 Feng et al. (2018), Feng et al. (2020), Xu et al. (2012)
Initial gas density ρg kg/m3 1.25  
Leachate density ρl kg/m3 1000  
Porosity n 0.5  
Initial leachate saturation Sl0 0.5  
Initial gas pressure pg0 Pa 0  
Vertical intrinsic permeability Kv m2 10−12  
Diffusion coefficient of oxygen DO m2/s 2 × 10−5 Feng et al. (2021b), Lu et al. (2020)
Dynamic viscosity of gas μg kg/m/s 1.37 × 10−5  
Dynamic viscosity of leachate μl kg/m/s 10−3  
Van Genuchten parameter pc0 Pa 4900 Fytanidis and Voudrias (2014), Lu et al. (2020)
Van Genuchten parameter m 0.5  
Residual saturation Sw,r 0.2  
Maximum saturation Sw,m 0.99