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Research article
The 21 February 2005, catastrophic waste avalanche at Leuwigajah dumpsite, Bandung, Indonesia
Franck Lavigne, Patrick Wassmer, Christopher Gomez, Thimoty A Davies, Danang Sri Hadmoko, T Yan W M Iskandarsyah, JC Gaillard, Monique Fort, Pauline Texier, Mathias Boun Heng and Indyo Pratomo
Published: 24 December 2014

Most downloaded:
Key factors influencing the mechanism of rapid and long runout landslides triggered by the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake, China
Fawu Wang, Ping Sun, Lynn Highland and Qiangong Cheng
Published: 4 October 2014


Most cited
Research article
Landslide hazard zonation mapping using frequency ratio and fuzzy logic approach, a case study of Lachung Valley, Sikkim
Rathinam Anbalagan, Rohan Kumar, Kalamegam Lakshmanan, Sujata Parida and Sasidharan Neethu
Published: 28 February 2015

Most downloaded:
Research article
Disaster risk reduction knowledge of local people in Nepal
Gangalal Tuladhar, Ryuichi Yatabe, Ranjan Kumar Dahal and Netra Prakash Bhandary
Published: 26 February 2015


Most cited
UAV- based Photogrammetry and Geocomputing for Hazards and Disaster Risk Monitoring – A Review
Christopher Gomez and Heather Purdie
Published: 25 November 2016

Most downloaded:
Critical hydraulic gradients for seepage-induced failure of landslide dams
Austin Chukwueloka-Udechukwu Okeke and Fawu Wang
Published: 18 May 2016


Most cited
Spaceborne, UAV and ground-based remote sensing techniques for landslide mapping, monitoring and early warning
Nicola Casagli, William Frodella, Stefano Morelli, Veronica Tofani, Andrea Ciampalini, Emanuele Intrieri, Federico Raspini, Guglielmo Rossi, Luca Tanteri and Ping Lu
Published: 7 March 2017

Most downloaded:
Regional frequency analysis for consecutive hour rainfall using L-moments approach in Jeju Island, Korea
Kanak Kanti KarEmail authorView ORCID ID profile, Sung-Kee Yang, Jun-Ho Lee and Fahad Khan Khadim
Published: 28 June 2017


Most cited
FraneItalia: a catalog of recent Italian landslides
Michele Calvello and Gaetano Pecoraro
Published: 28 August 2018

Most downloaded:
Climate change adaptive capacity and smallholder farming in Trans-Mara East sub-County, Kenya
Harrison K. Simotwo, Stella M. Mikalitsa and Boniface N. Wambua
Published: 19 March 2018

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