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Special issue
Mechanisms, Intelligent Recognition, Monitoring and Prevention of Loess Disasters
Edited by Ling Xu and Xinghua Zhu


Special issue
Geological Disasters in South China Sea
Edited by Yonggang Jia and Shengxiong Yang


Special issue
UNESCO Chair on Geoenvironmental Disaster Reduction 
Edited by Fawu Wang, Tongji University, China


Special issue
Laboratory and field testing for landslide risk analysis
Edited by Sabatino Cuomo and Zeljko Arbanas

Special issue
Himalayan Geodisasters
Edited by Ranjan Kumar Dahal

Special issue
Landslide Dams
Edited by Nicola Casagli, Alexander Strom, Xuanmei Fan and Hans-Balder Havenith

Special issue
Water-related Geoenvironmental Disasters under Influences of Climate Change and Human Activities
Edited by Bin He, Camilo Allyson Simões de Farias, Netrananda Sahu

Special issue
Earthquakes and Triggered Hazards
Edited by Florent De Martin

Special issue
Modelling of Fast Landslides
Edited by Sabatino Cuomo, Zeljko Arbanas