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  1. Earthquake is one of the most destructive natural ... and five-year impacts of the 2015 Ranau Earthquake (6.0 Mw) on river systems ... state of Sabah, a region of low earthquake hazard.

    Authors: Lee Ting Chai, Anand Nainar, Rodeano Roslee, Wilson Vun Chiong Wong and Mui-How Phua
    Citation: Geoenvironmental Disasters 2024 11:16
  2. On November 21, 2022, a magnitude Mw 5.6 earthquake struck Cianjur Regency in the West Java ... active fault zone. The consequences of this earthquake in Cianjur were severe, leading to both...

    Authors: Danang Sri Hadmoko, Sandy Budi Wibowo, Dimas Salomo J. Sianipar, Daryono Daryono, Mohammad Naufal Fathoni, Rohanita Setia Pratiwi, Eko Haryono and Franck Lavigne
    Citation: Geoenvironmental Disasters 2024 11:15
  3. On February 6, a successive rupture of major faults in the Eastern Anatolian Fault Zone and Cardak-Surgu fault triggered a strong mainshock (Mw 7.7) and a major aftershock (Mw 7.6) in Kahramanmaras. The successiv...

    Authors: Kongming Yan, Masakatsu Miyajima, Halil Kumsar, Ömer Aydan, Reşat Ulusay, Zhigang Tao, Ye Chen and Fawu Wang
    Citation: Geoenvironmental Disasters 2024 11:11
  4. Earthquakes and landslides pose significant threats to human ... systems. However, the high construction costs of earthquake early warning systems present a challenge.

    Authors: Zhigang Tao, Mengnan Li, Qiru Sui, Yuting Mao, Manchao He and Yuebin Jiang
    Citation: Geoenvironmental Disasters 2024 11:9
  5. The Mediterranean Sea is a region characterized by high seismic activity, with at least 200 tsunami events recorded from the fourth century to the present twenty-first century. Numerous studies have been conducte...

    Authors: F x Anjar Tri Laksono, Manoranjan Mishra, Budi Mulyana and János Kovács
    Citation: Geoenvironmental Disasters 2024 11:6
  6. The HVSR method revealed the amplification factors (A0) ranging from 1.23 to 8.26 times, corresponding to natural frequency (f0) variations between 1.24 and 9.67 Hz. About 13% and 55% of the sites show high (6 ≤ 

    Authors: Brecya Isa Siburian, Marzuki Marzuki and Ashar Muda Lubis
    Citation: Geoenvironmental Disasters 2024 11:5
  7. The study aimed to identify the influential factors required to prepare landslide vulnerability maps and establish disaster prevention measures for mountainous areas with forest roads. The target area is Sanch...

    Authors: Seong-Woo Moon, Jeongdu Noh, Hyeong-Sin Kim, Seong-Seung Kang and Yong-Seok Seo
    Citation: Geoenvironmental Disasters 2024 11:3
  8. As the exploitation of marine resources intensifies, the impact of submarine landslides on underwater structures has become a significant issue. Existing research primarily focuses on the impact on pipelines, ...

    Authors: Zehao Wang, Defeng Zheng, Xingsen Guo, Zhongde Gu, Yueqiang Shen and Tingkai Nian
    Citation: Geoenvironmental Disasters 2024 11:2
  9. The joint event of 21st International Symposium on Geo-disaster Reduction (21st ISGdR) was held onsite and online during 5–8 August 2023 in Shanghai, China. This symposium focused on the theme of “A new era fo...

    Authors: Hu Zheng, Yu Huang, Bo Li and Fawu Wang
    Citation: Geoenvironmental Disasters 2023 10:31
  10. Masonry minarets in Old Cairo are highly susceptible to earthquake damage, particularly those not designed or updated ... broader community. By studying the effects of earthquakes on minarets and developing mitig...

    Authors: Mariam A. Sallam, Hany M. Hassan, Mohamed A. Sayed, Hesham E. Abdel Hafiez, Hesham Shaker Zahra and Mohamed Salem
    Citation: Geoenvironmental Disasters 2023 10:30
  11. The Bangkok Basin has been known from non-instrumental observations of the local population to be subject to ground motion amplification due to the deep alluvial sediments and basin geometry. This study analyz...

    Authors: Teraphan Ornthammarath, Amorntep Jirasakjamroonsri, Patinya Pornsopin, Rajesh Rupakhety, Nakhorn Poovarodom, Pennung Warnitchai and Tun Tun Tha Toe
    Citation: Geoenvironmental Disasters 2023 10:28
  12. The rock avalanches are a frequent and disruptive phenomenon in the Himalayas and other mountain chains. To minimize future losses, it is essential to investigate the engineering geological causative factors a...

    Authors: Suman Panthee, Suman Dulal, Vishnu Himanshu Ratnam Pandey, Vikas Yadav, Prakash Kumar Singh and Ashutosh Kainthola
    Citation: Geoenvironmental Disasters 2023 10:25
  13. The International Workshop on Seismic Design and Assessment for Resilience, Robustness and Sustainability of Slope Engineering was held on 13–15 January 2023 on line, focusing on the theme of “Seismic resilien...

    Authors: Yu Huang, Wuwei Mao, Min Xiong, Yian Wang, Cuizhu Zhao, Zhengying He and Fawu Wang
    Citation: Geoenvironmental Disasters 2023 10:23
  14. The Cameroon Volcanic Line (CVL) is an oceanic-continental megastructure prone to geo-hazards, including landslide/mudslide, gully erosion and flash floods targeted in this paper. Recent geospatial practices a...

    Authors: Alfred Homère Ngandam Mfondoum, Pauline Wokwenmendam Nguet, Dieudonné Tchokona Seuwui, Jean Valéry Mefire Mfondoum, Henry Bang Ngenyam, Ibrahima Diba, Mesmin Tchindjang, Bertin Djiangoue, Ali Mihi, Sofia Hakdaoui, Roseline Batcha, Frédéric Chamberlain Lounang Tchatchouang, Igor Casimir Njombissie Petcheu and Luc Moutila Beni
    Citation: Geoenvironmental Disasters 2023 10:22
  15. This paper reflects on the progress of tsunami preparedness in a coastal community in Aceh, Indonesia, nearly two decades after the catastrophic 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami. The research employs a comprehensive ...

    Authors: Benazir, Syamsidik, Yunita Idris and Nadri Pratama Putra
    Citation: Geoenvironmental Disasters 2023 10:21
  16. Landslides involving sensitive clays are recurrent events in the world's northern regions and are especially notorious in eastern Canada. The two critical factors that separate sensitive clay landslides from t...

    Authors: Zinan Ara Urmi, Ali Saeidi, Rama Vara Prasad Chavali and Alba Yerro
    Citation: Geoenvironmental Disasters 2023 10:14
  17. Rapid construction of buildings in urban area is creating lack of space available for new construction. This problem enforced to construct building on slope in hilly regions. However, the engineers and designe...

    Authors: Sanjaya Kumar Jain, Mohammed Saleh Nusari, Rajyaswori Shrestha and Abhay Kumar Mandal
    Citation: Geoenvironmental Disasters 2023 10:13
  18. Marine geological disasters (i.e., catastrophic events occurring in marine environments) may seriously threaten the safety of engineering facilities, life, and property in shallow- and deep-sea areas. The deve...

    Authors: Xiaolei Liu, Yueying Wang, Hong Zhang and Xingsen Guo
    Citation: Geoenvironmental Disasters 2023 10:10
  19. Probabilistic Tsunami Hazard Assessment (PTHA) is a method that has been developed to predict tsunami hazards with a return period of hundreds to thousands of years, beyond the limited availability of historical ...

    Authors: Ibrahim, Syamsidik, Azmeri, Muttaqin Hasan, Abdullah Irwansyah and Muhammad Daffa Al Farizi
    Citation: Geoenvironmental Disasters 2023 10:8
  20. With the increased frequency of extreme weather, landslides induced by extremely heavy rainfall pose a major threat to human lives and property safety. In July 2020, a landslide occurred in the strongly weathe...

    Authors: Honghua Liu, Peng Yu, Haitao Lu, Yongjian Xie, Zhongsheng Wang, Shengyou Hao, Hongjun Liu and Yunxia Fu
    Citation: Geoenvironmental Disasters 2023 10:5
  21. Coastal communities are highly exposed to ocean- and -related hazards but often lack an accurate population and infrastructure database. On January 15, 2022 and for many days thereafter, the Kingdom of Tonga w...

    Authors: Bruce Enki Oscar Thomas, Jean Roger, Yanni Gunnell and Salman Ashraf
    Citation: Geoenvironmental Disasters 2023 10:4
  22. On September 5, 2022, an Ms 6.8 earthquake occurred in Luding County, Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous ... The casualties and economic losses caused by the earthquake are huge. Most of the landslides triggered by this earthquake

    Authors: Zikang Xiao, Chong Xu, Yuandong Huang, Xiangli He, Xiaoyi Shao, Zhaoning Chen, Chenchen Xie, Tao Li and Xiwei Xu
    Citation: Geoenvironmental Disasters 2023 10:3
  23. The eruption starting time was between 04:10 and 04:20 UTC with an eruption intensity that increased drastically and produced a plume that reached a maximum height of about 58 km. The explosive phase lasted 13 h ...

    Authors: Kounghoon Nam, Fawu Wang, Kongming Yan and Guolong Zhu
    Citation: Geoenvironmental Disasters 2023 10:2
  24. The areas prone to geological hazards such as liquefaction need special attention with respect to social vulnerability. Though liquefaction by itself may not result in damage, it may trigger a series of ground fa...

    Authors: Saravana Ganesh Manoharan and Ganapathy Pattukandan Ganapathy
    Citation: Geoenvironmental Disasters 2023 10:1
  25. Microzonation becomes important for big cities like Medan (North Sumatra, Indonesia) as population agglomeration increases in urban areas resulting in rapid and unplanned construction. Mitigation efforts must be ...

    Authors: Teguh Rahayu, Zulkifli Nasution, Roesyanto and Dwikorita Karnawati
    Citation: Geoenvironmental Disasters 2022 9:26
  26. The joint event of 20th International Symposium on Geo-disaster Reduction (20th ISGdR) was held onsite and online during 16–19 August 2022 in Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan. This symposium focused o...

    Authors: Xi Xiong, Bo Zhang, Masaho Yoshida and Masakatsu Miyajima
    Citation: Geoenvironmental Disasters 2022 9:24
  27. In this work, correlation analysis between geohazards and geological, topographical, and geomorphological context was conducted. Concave slopes with height smaller than 200 m and slope gradient between 21° and...

    Authors: Shuai Zhang, Ping Sun, Ran Li, Yanlin Zhang and Jian Ren
    Citation: Geoenvironmental Disasters 2022 9:23
  28. A 6.6-Mw earthquake struck the Iburi region of Hokkaido, Japan ... Mizuho landslides, respectively. Unlike previous research on earthquake-induced landslides, which were investigated using mechanical ... and dry ...

    Authors: Mega Lia Istiyanti and Satoshi Goto
    Citation: Geoenvironmental Disasters 2022 9:21
  29. The 2019 Mw 7.0 Banten, Indonesia, earthquake occurred at a 49 km depth in ... data to analyse the fault source of the earthquake. Following the earthquake’s focal mechanism, we modelled a total...Mw 7.0 Banten, ...

    Authors: Endra Gunawan, Widjo Kongko, Munawar Kholil, Bayu Triyogo Widyantoro, Sri Widiyantoro, Pepen Supendi, Nuraini Rahma Hanifa, Ira Mutiara Anjasmara, Cecep Pratama and Aditya Riadi Gusman
    Citation: Geoenvironmental Disasters 2022 9:14
  30. Landslides are one of the most important geohazards. In 2004–2016, more than 55,000 people lost their lives to landslides and this does not include deaths caused by seismically triggered landslides. Overall lo...

    Authors: Kwan Ben Sim, Min Lee Lee and Soon Yee Wong
    Citation: Geoenvironmental Disasters 2022 9:3
  31. This paper proposes a three-phase method that combines multi-source (i.e. topographic, thematic, monitoring) input data in a GIS environment to rank—at small (1:250,000) scale—administrative units (e.g. munici...

    Authors: Giovanni Gullà, Gianfranco Nicodemo, Settimio Ferlisi, Luigi Borrelli and Dario Peduto
    Citation: Geoenvironmental Disasters 2021 8:31
  32. The main objective of this study is to understand the overall impact of earthquake in upper Indrawati Watershed, located in the ... distance to fault, and flow accumulation. The earthquake-induced landslide is cl...

    Authors: Pawan Gautam, Tetsuya Kubota and Aril Aditian
    Citation: Geoenvironmental Disasters 2021 8:30
  33. A seismic microzonation study was conducted to refine the seismic hazard model for the city of Saguenay, Canada. The Quaternary geology underlying Saguenay shows complex glacial and post-glacial stratigraphy w...

    Authors: Mohammad Salsabili, Ali Saeidi, Alain Rouleau and Miroslav Nastev
    Citation: Geoenvironmental Disasters 2021 8:27
  34. The joint event of 19th International Symposium on Geo-disaster Reduction (19ISGdR) and High-Level Academic Forum on Disaster Mitigation and Integrated Risk Defense on the Plateau was held on 11–15 July in Xin...

    Authors: Fenggui Liu, Guolong Zhu and Fawu Wang
    Citation: Geoenvironmental Disasters 2021 8:26
  35. The results of seismic risk assessment of spatially distributed infrastructure systems are significantly influenced by spatial correlation of earthquake intensity measures (IM). The assumption of ... for most of ...

    Authors: Morteza Abbasnejadfard, Morteza Bastami and Afshin Fallah
    Citation: Geoenvironmental Disasters 2021 8:24
  36. The 7.5 Mw tectonic earthquake that hit Palu City on 28 September...–4 to 2.56 × 10–4. The distribution of the locations of the liquefaction was correlated to the distribution of ground shear strain values. High ...

    Authors: Abdul Jalil, Teuku Faisal Fathani, Iman Satyarno and Wahyu Wilopo
    Citation: Geoenvironmental Disasters 2021 8:21
  37. This research paper aims to model Mass Movements Susceptibility (MMS) in the province of Tétouan. First, we identified the characteristics and spatial mapping of the different types of MM (collapse, mudflows, ...

    Authors: Meryem Elmoulat, Lahcen Ait Brahim, Abderrahman Elmahsani, Abdellah Abdelouafi and Mohammed Mastere
    Citation: Geoenvironmental Disasters 2021 8:20
  38. Although the Andean region is one of the most landslide-susceptible areas in the world, limited attention has been devoted to the topic in this context in terms of research, risk reduction practice, and urban ...

    Authors: Fernando Puente-Sotomayor, Ahmed Mustafa and Jacques Teller
    Citation: Geoenvironmental Disasters 2021 8:19
  39. NASA’s developers recently proposed the Sudden Landslide Identification Product (SLIP) and Detecting Real-Time Increased Precipitation (DRIP) algorithms. This double method uses Landsat 8 satellite images and ...

    Authors: Alfred Homère Ngandam Mfondoum, Pauline Wokwenmendam Nguet, Jean Valery Mefire Mfondoum, Mesmin Tchindjang, Sofia Hakdaoui, Ryan Cooper, Paul Gérard Gbetkom, Joseph Penaye, Ateba Bekoa and Cyriel Moudioh
    Citation: Geoenvironmental Disasters 2021 8:17
  40. This work focused on three landslide events that have attracted significant public concern due to the associated calamities they recorded in 1945, 2017 and 2019, i.e. the Charlotte, Regent and Madina landslide...

    Authors: Yusuf Alhaji Lahai, Kelvin F. E. Anderson, Yaguba Jalloh, Ibrahim Rogers and Mohamed Kamara
    Citation: Geoenvironmental Disasters 2021 8:16