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  1. Sikkim Himalaya is under consistent distress due to landslides. Abrupt thrust on infrastructure development in the valley regions of Sikkim Himalaya has led to a need for a prior planning to face landslide haz...

    Authors: Rathinam Anbalagan, Rohan Kumar, Kalamegam Lakshmanan, Sujata Parida and Sasidharan Neethu
    Citation: Geoenvironmental Disasters 2015 2:6
  2. Nepal is highly vulnerable to natural disasters. A high proportion of the national GDP is lost every year in landslides, floods, and many other forms of disasters. A high number of human casualties and loss of...

    Authors: Gangalal Tuladhar, Ryuichi Yatabe, Ranjan Kumar Dahal and Netra Prakash Bhandary
    Citation: Geoenvironmental Disasters 2015 2:5
  3. Extreme climate events leading to tremendous life and property losses, environmental degradation, have recently received increased attention. It is applied to a data set consisting of 116 weather station recor...

    Authors: Nianxiu Qin, Junneng Wang, Guishan Yang, Xi Chen, Haoyuan Liang and Jianbin Zhang
    Citation: Geoenvironmental Disasters 2015 2:4
  4. In recent years, the meteorological extreme events have caused the direct economic losses and human mortality increased significantly. While there has been a paucity of information regarding trends in meteoro...

    Authors: Meihua Wu, Yaning Chen, Huaijun Wang and Guili Sun
    Citation: Geoenvironmental Disasters 2015 2:3
  5. Support vector machine (SVM) modeling is a machine-learning-based method. It involves a training phase with associated input and a predicting phase with target output decision values. In recent years, the meth...

    Authors: Suhua Zhou and Ligang Fang
    Citation: Geoenvironmental Disasters 2015 2:2
  6. On 21 February 2005 the Leuwigajah dumpsite, Bandung (Java, Indonesia) was affected by a large slide after heavy rainfalls. Second deadliest waste slide in history, it buried 71 houses and killed 143 people. A...

    Authors: Franck Lavigne, Patrick Wassmer, Christopher Gomez, Thimoty A Davies, Danang Sri Hadmoko, T Yan W M Iskandarsyah, JC Gaillard, Monique Fort, Pauline Texier, Mathias Boun Heng and Indyo Pratomo
    Citation: Geoenvironmental Disasters 2014 1:10
  7. The 2008 Wenchuan earthquake triggered many rapid and long runout landslides, which directly caused great loss of property and human lives and were responsible for a large percentage of total damages caused by...

    Authors: Fawu Wang, Ping Sun, Lynn Highland and Qiangong Cheng
    Citation: Geoenvironmental Disasters 2014 1:1
  8. A large earthquake struck Padang Province, West Sumatra, Indonesia, at 17:16 on September 30, 2009. The earthquake had a moment magnitude of Mw 7.6, and triggered landslides in Tandikat, Padang Pariaman Regenc...

    Authors: Fikri Faris and Wang Fawu
    Citation: Geoenvironmental Disasters 2014 1:4